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SecureClear invests in people with potential. As finance specialists, we excel at nurturing entrepreneurial possibility. We enable growth for the SME that needs a finance partner with a plan. We offer competitive rates with a portfolio that includes trade finance, foreign exchange and investment.

Trade Finance

Your Growth Journey Starts With The Right Expertise

Imagine a financial partner that empowers your growth ambitions. Our trade finance solutions are tailored to your needs, offering the expertise and support required to navigate the international market. Once we join you on your journey, we’ll help you unlock your business's full potential together.

Growth Funding

Expand And Achieve Your Growth Objectives

We transform your challenges into opportunities. Our expertise lies in providing the funding necessary to drive your growth and expansion initiatives. Whether you're a thriving entrepreneur or an established enterprise, we're here to fuel your success.

Revolving Trade Finance Credit

Dynamic And Adaptable Solutions To Manage Your Cash Flow

Revolving finance is our business’ secret weapon to yours for unstoppable growth. Imagine having a financial safety net that adapts to your every need, from bridging cash flow gaps to seizing opportunities on the fly. It’s the most pliable means to manage cash flow and working capital.

Currency Desk

Simplify Your Foreign Currency Challenges

Overwhelmed with foreign currency regulations and processes? We understand. Whether you're a business involved in international trade, a high-net-worth individual, or need currency services for personal reasons like immigration or estate transfers, our currency desk offers the personal touch you've been searching for.

Foreign Currency

Get Your Finger Into The Global Economy Pie

Unlock your world of currency. We're your go to for all things foreign exchange. Whether you're investing, or managing international transactions, we make foreign currency simple, efficient and cost effective.

Collective Investment

Steadfast Financial Strategies With Tailored Solutions

Need a financial strategy that consistently mirrors prime? Our tailored debt funding service is all about stability and consistency, unlike banks that frequently change their strategies. We're here for individuals and entities who value a steadfast approach to wealth management.


Trade Finance FAQs

A trade finance facility is a lending facility aimed at helping small to medium sized businesses grow. Its sole intention is to fund trade and trade related services by injecting additional working capital.

A trade finance facility is like getting an injection of equity into your business to pay suppliers in order for it to grow. We don’t take equity in exchange for our trade finance services – we simply charge an interest rate.

Banks are extremely conservative by nature. In contrast, as a trade finance company we have a bigger appetite for calculated risk and look to provide a facility over and above your bank’s overdraft.

No. The two remain completely separate, so a trade finance facility will not affect your overdraft in any way. An overdraft is still a useful facility for paying monthly expenses (like water, lights, salaries and wages) while you’re waiting your customers to pay you at the end of the month. By comparison, a trade finance facility is there to help you increase your trading volumes by giving you access to the funding required to do so.

Many banks do offer a product they call trade finance, but it’s actually very different from our offering. The trade finance that banks typically offer is aimed at large corporates rather than small to medium businesses, and is better suited to commodity trading. A number of smaller banks in the country do, however, offer a similar product but we can confidently say that they are significantly more expensive and rigid in their approach to doing business.

No. The trade finance facility will not affect the collateral that the bank holds in any way.

Our trade finance facility is disciplined in that it has set repayment dates, just like other creditors in your business. If your business has a fairly predictable cash flow, reasonable margins, is growing and can make more money using the facility than without it, then trade finance is the right facility for you.

Our trade finance facility can be used to pay for any trade or trade-related services (stock, forwarding and clearing) etc.

You simply send through the invoice that you would like us to pay, and we’ll take care of the rest.

All payments (local and foreign) will reflect on the recipient’s banks statements as having come directly from you.

Yes you can. We play no part in the management or logistics of your stock, so nothing will change in your business other than the fact that your volumes will increase. We simply pay your supplier on your behalf, and then you pay us back at a future date.

Yes we do, but it does not affect what the banks demand in any way.

Foreign Exchange FAQs

Some banks charge up to 15% of the amount converted which is never disclosed to the customer. Secureclear FX can reduce this charge significantly saving you the large fees that banks incorporate into their exchange rates.

At SecureClear we believe that foreign currency transactions should be made affordable an to all who wish to exchange currencies.  

You can make payment to almost all corners of the world. Some countries are sanctioned and prohibited from participating on the swift system. Our dedicated forex team will keep you informed of these barred countries.

If you are expecting to receive payment in a foreign currency (eg settlement of a foreign currency invoice you issued), then you can instruct the payer to send the funds direct to your own bank account in the form of a CFC account. 

Registration only takes a few minutes to complete, and we will email you as soon as your account has been opened.  Accounts can normally be established the same day providing we can successfully complete all the necessary identification and address checks electronically.

Strict anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations mean that we must undertake thorough identity and address checks on all our customers to ensure that we know who we are dealing with.  Most of these checks can usually be done through electronic means but if this is not possible then we may need to request further supporting documentation from you.

There are no account opening fees nor ongoing monthly fees. 

No, you do not need to pre-fund your account prior to executing a currency conversion.  

Payment is executed based on your instruction and selected transaction for example a forward transaction or a spot transaction. If it’s a spot payment, payment is settled either same day, next day or two-day value. 

No, all administration is processed internally.

Yes, you can defer payment for the currency by up to 12 months by selecting your preferred Date of Conversion prior to requesting an indicative quote.   This is known as a Forward Exchange Contract and allows you to lock in an exchange rate today for delivery at some time in the future.

If SecureClear has not prearranged a forward cover facility on your behalf, then you (or your company) will be required to put down a 10% deposit. However, if SecureClear has arranged a facility on your behalf no deposit will be required.

We load beneficiaries on your behalf. In order for us to load the beneficiary we will require an invoice, commercial invoice or a proforma invoice that reflects the suppliers IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and bank BIC/SWIFT code.

Investment FAQs

No monthly management fees or commissions are payable on your investment.

Yes. The SecureClear Fund distributes triannual fund fact sheets for your perusal. 

Yes, subject to the notice period of the investment being fulfilled. 

Funds may be released only under certain circumstances, such as death or insolvency of the accountholder or extreme financial hardship, and a penalty fee may be charged. 

Triannual statements are generated for all notice deposits. Statements can be issued at any time on request.